2 Decades Shunning Masks

by Seekers Of The Truth

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Sylvain - Drums
Clem - Guitar
Franco - Bass
JP - Guitar
Xav - Vocals

Recorded, engineered & mixed by Emmanuel Duriot & Sébastien Langle at Loko Studio [France] in August 2008.
Mastered by Alan douches at West West Side Music [NY-USA] in October 2008.
Produced by Seekers Of The Truth
Pics by Manu Reyboz

Released by Disagree Records & Customcore Records
January 1st, 2009


released January 1, 2009



all rights reserved


Seekers Of The Truth Lyon, France

Seekers Of The Truth are considered veterans in the French hardcore scene having been in existence now for more than 25 years!

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Track Name: Inside Mr Nice Guy
Nobody’d believe how much I hide,
If only they knew what’s on my mind,
I make myself look perfect in every way,
So when it’s not working my way, I’m not the one to blame,
I’m scared to let you know who I really am,
’Cause what would happen to me if I didn’t stay the same

And my imaginary shield that no-one gets through?
If only you’d see me like I do
Like an actor on stage I play a role,
I’m secure and safe behind my walls
I’ve stepped up hard to hide my personality,
I use gentle manners to make you wish to be with me

I’ve been caring and kind, easy-going and I’ve smiled throughout my life
To communicate with myself and others I have learnt to lie!
I’m afraid to be myself and shine, I’m even scared to try
Out of fear to be rejected, I carry that heavy mask!
Goodbye Mr Nice Guy!
Track Name: 2 PM
“I remember you, brother, we had fun, you were kind…”
Then emptiness invades my mind, words are so hard to find
You were the one who’d have bled white for me,
Now you’re the one who brings me to my knees,
’Cause for me, cops had become familiar men
Drink, car thefts, stickups, jail for murder attempts

Here I am speaking to your grave,
Always thinking of those times
When you decided to leave Mum, Dad and I,
It’s you whom you left behind
I go on with my life and I question myself,
There’s a lesson to learn from the choices you’d made
I loved you and my memories of you’ll remain
As long as blood runs through my veins

That led you to 2 pm (x3) – 2 pm!

In your attempts to sabotage yourself,
Not a single one was fucking spared;
Mother, father, sister, brother,
Wife, daughter and friends,
No-one ever asked you to be someone else,
In doing your stupid things, you were but the shadow of yourself
Like a dog on the street your miserable life ended,
Anyway, I could foresee it would end up that way

Refrain (x2) – 2 pm!
Track Name: Tribute
Dedicated to our true friends,
Those we have great liking for
You know who you are,
May you shine through these words!

I thought I had seen enough of this world
To know what’s right or wrong, where’s my direction
With all the shit that we’ve been through,
Nothing could come out true
I’ve listened too long to the fools

I’ve followed the blind
Before I realize
I was cheated and I
Wasted my time
Now an outlet we’ve found
In friends we can trust
I know that without
All of you we would burst!

You, my friends, have been helping us in your way
For that reason alone we’ll always try our best
Influencing us with your creativity,
Contributing to the feelings of friendship
And hope that awaken in me

I’ve waited too long for it
Not to let it down
If I lose it all now...
Oh I’m lost!
We won’t let the bonds we made
Being part of the past
’Cause with all of you gone
We’d feel empty inside!
Track Name: 1988
So let’s go with a new song,
It’s about when it all started, in the Paris suburb,
We were four friends who just wanted to be heard,
Four different guys with the same rage,
Now we remember and we revive those days, check this out!

Let’s look back to the good old days
Same places, same faces, same friends

We’ll stick to our ideal till the end,
We think out of the box, we think different,

Seekers of the Truth, spirit of ’88,
We remember… Let’s keep it alive! 20 years, 1988-2008!
Track Name: Anger Release
Curtains of ignorance are blinding me,
My discerning eyes can no longer see
A burning frustration in my body explodes,
A feeling of self-destruction is taking its course
I’m in a situation I cannot accept
In these times, intelligence is a word I forget
I witness a war deep inside my head,
I’m feeling its poison spreading through my veins!

I was fearing and screaming, my hair standing on end,
I was suffering, I was crying in pain,
I was ignoring, swallowing, trying to contain myself,
Then I was fighting, exploding and expressing myself
I was spitting, vomiting, hating and tormenting myself,
I was hurt in my flesh, I was left for dead,
I was raging and breaking, but not accepting myself,
Something has crept up within that I cannot suppress!

I feel depressed,
I’m blocked in my chest,
Dry is my throat
And clenched are my jaws
I feel a knot in my belly,
A huge weight in all my body
I’d like to leave without a trace,
But now, in me, escape has no place

I don’t want to go back to my old habits,
’Cause I feel even worse and diminished when I resist
Anger born of stress, distress, frustration and fear,
Arising when my sis’, my brothers, my lovers, my peers
Do not see life, motherfuckers, through my eyes
I get to take back a power that’s originally mine
And to change false beliefs coming from past tragedies
I let the pressure escape and create a new way to be,
Express my anger with no violence but assertiveness
In a way that does respect the other and myself
Feeling empty, aware and powerful and light,
I’ll keep on searching for inner peace until I find!
Track Name: Born Toulouse, Live To Win
You never believed in yourself from the start,
It’s been keeping you from being who you really are
No matter how many times life knocked you down,
The key’s in how quickly you get back up and stand your ground
Choose to live your life on your own terms
Instead of constantly being weighed down by the pressure
Enjoy the destiny you’re creating and
If you were born to lose, now you live to win – LIVE TO WIN!

You should know that you can only be hurt
If you allow others to reach you with their dirt,
You deserve respect, but first start with yourself,
So stop giving all your energy and power to them
Learn to live from choice, rather than from fear,
Accept yourself where you’re at, write your life’s script
Your biography’s not your destiny,
So be the change you want to see and live to win – LIVE TO WIN!

‘Live fast, die young’ has been ruling your life,
See how you’re the slave to the self-destructing tapes of your mind
Turn off the program you’ve been setting and
Connect yourself to your strength and live to win
What you’re feeling and what you’re being
Are two things as different as the sky and the wind
Someday you’ll look back and see where you’ve been,
You’ll realize you’ve changed your life, you live to win – LIVE TO WIN! (x3)
You live to win
Track Name: Backdraft
I would like to be so far away rather than face myself,
’Cause I know I will pass through hell
In this lifetime, I can’t help myself,
I make the same mistakes again
I want to look inside how I sabotage myself
And find out where my true strengths hide
I’ve been learning to fake it and just smile along
I take myself back to a place of fears,
where I know I’ll see things clear

Here I am once again,
Still the same, yet a different man
I’ve made a change, got things done,
Got my life rearranged on my own

I’ve been so tossed about in my so-called warm cocoon
Something’s moving inside and it’s emerging soon
I’m pushing the limits of my vulnerability,
Exposing myself as I am, not as it’s cool to be
So many pictures were passing through my eyes,
Self-defeating tapes did not allow me to fly

I took shelter deep in the back of my mind,
Forgot my heart, afraid of what I could find
I didn’t recognize the enemy within,
Now I spread my wings and defy gravity
I’ve lowered my shield ’cause I’ve seen it crack
Once I’m out of my armour, there’s no turning back
Say goodbye to my strategies for survival
As a brand new me makes his arrival!
Track Name: Quench My Thirst
I’ve spent my time running after things that are not,
Serving my mind that wanna enjoy everything my eyes can embrace in this world
How what I possess will comfort me to fill the emptiness of my heart when death I meet?
I’m taking, I’m giving, I’m sweating, I’m bleeding but never getting my fill!

To quench my thirst
I’ve travelled round the earth!

My aspiration is the quest for eternity,
How can a truth-seeking being quench his thirst with things temporary?
Envy is burning me inside, temptation of possession’s all around,
And when success is in my sight, everything degrades by the hands of factor time


How can I quench my thirst with such things dry?
How can I quench it?
Track Name: The Day When Envy Turned Friendship Into Something Else
Irresponsible – I’m not impressed
Fanatical – what word’s next?
Brainwashed, abnormal, cult freak,
But I won’t lose my faith
Delusional – I’m not insane
Ridiculous – we are the same
If you don’t fucking agree with me,
It doesn’t matter to me!
Why are you looking so sad
When you’re looking at me,
Trying so hard to take my identity?
You’ll never be me, but you can’t see it
You’re not as deep as you make believe
The day when envy…

What you see is what you get
And what you lack is self-respect
I will forgive, I won’t forget
You’re so far from yourself!
Competition – wanting to be the best
Fame addiction – always looking for fans
Self-adulation – your quest will never end
It’s so hard to be yourself
When you’re envious of your friends!

Envy, misery, where is your dignity?
You’ve built a link, you’re so attached to me

I know I’m on your mind, to you I’m like a lion
I’m biting you, I’m eating you, I’m consuming your life
You said that you loved me and cared, but you used me and then
You hated me for you wanted to be me in the end

You insulted me and showed me disrespect, but you only insulted your own self
We put ourselves in such a state, but truth is different from what you relate
You say you regret, I accept, now to you goodbye I can say
Thank you for opening my eyes, for making me grow inside

Refrain (x2)
Track Name: When I Shun The Mask
Neither an angel nor a demon, I am something in between
I can be hard, I can be sweet, I’m passing through all extremes
Sometimes I like to be surrounded, sometimes I like to be alone,
I feel deeply in my soul that it’s time to take control

When I shun the mask
Sometimes I’m not at all in sync with myself
When I shun the mask
But I know myself better than anyone else

Sometimes I’m filled with self-belief and sometimes I drown in self-doubt,
Sometimes I know what to answer, sometimes I’ve nothing figured out
You looked at me strange like I didn’t wanna change, but I just didn’t know how or when,
But a little voice in my brain has really given me that strength


I am that white crow amongst the black,
I am that guy who took off the mask,
No more disguises, I don’t wanna be living a lie!
I let flow all my emotions,
All my energy’s now in motion,
I’m not a glove puppet or with strings behind!

I was caught in a rage when I didn’t get my way – WILL I SHUN THE MASK?
I’ve got scars on my heart that wouldn’t go away
Sometimes people thought I was out of my mind – WILL I SHUN THE MASK?
But, above all, they were scared to be right

I’m a million contradictions – WHEN I SHUN THE MASK!
I have as many facets as emotions
Sometimes I’m up, sometimes I’m down – WHEN I SHUN THE MASK!
There are still many things left for me to know
Try to figure me out, you never can – WHEN I SHUN THE MASK!
’Cause it’s just a hint of what I am
I’m truthful, valuable and self-confident – WHEN I SHUN THE MASK!
I’m secure, balanced, I’m patient and then
I’m all these things and at the same time I’m none of them – WHEN I SHUN THE MASK!
Sometimes I’m not at all in sync with myself
I don’t give up the fight and I trust myself - WHEN I SHUN THE MASK!
’Cause I know myself better than anyone else
I do accept myself as I am today – WHEN I SHUN THE MASK!
And I let go of my yesterdays
Track Name: Bloodline (feat. Olivier-Right For Life)
This is the bloodline!
How absurd it is, the daily acts of cruelty,
The increasing of ignorance towards members of our family
There are screams on the street, there’s blood on the hands of man,
Once again in this age we can see signs of unintelligence

Some say they’re gonna think about it, but thinking’s not enough – not enough!
Others say they’re gonna fight for it, come on!

You say it’s for religion’s sake, it’s a fashion these days
It’s for health, it’s for science, there’s no progress with no conscience
Satanist rituals, which philosophy asks for blood to flow?
In the name of tradition, we drown in regression

Guilty’s the man with so much brutality
Leaders try to justify this bad reality,
While media and the propaganda hide this daily ignominy

You play the game and you’ll pay the price
For killing and stealing lives, adding blood to the bloodline
What you call welfare, I call homicide
And only few care about the helpless who die!

People still cry for world peace,
But the violence will decrease
Only when our murders cease
The problem is to kill, no matter who gets hit!

Open up your eyes, you’ve got to remove your mask,
In order to give yourself back to you, you’ve got to never put it back!
Track Name: There For You
YOU’VE GOT your new air to breathe,
YOU’VE GOT your new cloth to bleach,
YOU’VE GOT your new place to live,
YOU’VE GOT your new things to give
I took long to drop my guard,
I took long to open my arms
To you and to realize
That what I was searching for was here deep inside!

I never wanted to take a break
And dare face my emptiness!
How could I have lived with so little care?
This time I swear for you I’ll be there!

How many times I’ve tried to hide?
How many times I’ve made you cry?
How many times have you been hurt?
How many times I shut you up?
By closing myself, I’ve crushed your world
It’s ‘destroy without destruction’ through my words
I took my diamond for a piece of lead,
I didn’t feel with my heart but with my head

Same old story, nothing new,
I ill-treat you, I hate you, I love you!
I’m both the start and the end of everything,
I had no time for you ’cause I had none for me!

The deepest wounds are those we inflict on ourselves,
So how can I hope someday TO GET REVENGE?
Can I repair this psychological damage and dry
the tears that I’ve cried and I’ve cried? Was my life just a whole lie?
I’ve been mysterious and a stranger to myself,
But if you look at my face, you won’t see somebody else
I’m myself my own shelter, the safest place to be,
I’m everything to me, the sun that no-one can see
By hurting you, I hurt myself, that’s what I’ve built up inside
Now I dare confront myself-you for the very first time
Without worrying and fearing what’s in store behind
I didn’t choose the easy way that was shown by my mind
I’m sleeping, I can feel it, is it a dream?
I’ve pinched myself, all around everything’s so real
I listen carefully and deeply to my inner voice,
I really make my choice, I really make my choice!
A conscious self-deny controlled by self-hate
Has showed me how much respect I’ve been losing to myself! Losing to myself!
Track Name: Just Me
I walk when it’s cool to run,
Go straight when it’s cool to turn
I stay the same when it’s cool to change,
I’m true to myself till the end
I prefer to stay sober and think
When it’s cool to fucking drink
I‘m kind when it’s cool to be mean,
Hide when it’s cool to be seen

I won’t change to fit in with the crowd,
Of what I left behind, I’m fucking proud
I don’t wish to be someone else,
Even if I should stand by myself
I may not walk in your footsteps,
Don’t need your approval to feel safe,
I decide what my future will be
And focus on what matters most to me

I never wanted to be different, I just want to be me! Just me!
Track Name: Pull The Trigger
Don’t pull the fucking trigger!
Something deep down inside of you urges to be released,
Your confidence and joy of living have turned into pain and fears
These feelings that you have give you too much pressure,
Make you feel so insecure that only death seems to be the cure

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger
So please, consider it twice before you pull the fucking trigger
No matter the way you’ve started, you can decide to finish strong
And create a bright and fulfilling future when I stop singing this song

Don’t deny your feelings, hopelessness and desperation,
Give yourself time and space to welcome and accept these emotions
Give up all the excuses you find for not living fully,
Allow yourself to give meaning to your life and the world you’re in


Turn off radio ‘criticism’ in your mind,
Leave behind bad thoughts on yourself and be truly the author of your life
You only get in life what you put into it,
So why not putting a new and positive spin on it?
When an unexpected bad change comes in your way,
You’re not forced to let it ruin your day
All your burdensome and negative things now belong to the past
Into a new opportunity, choose to transform every setback

It’s in your hands!
Don’t pull the fucking trigger! (x2) – Don’t!
Track Name: Hold A Grudge
Waiting for the time you are destined to die
Within me, you’re already dead
Noisy dark thoughts have appeared in my mind
I fell victim to their games
I look at the world through the eyes of my anger
My life’s a real chaos, I’ve raised hell
You’re gone but you’re strong, you keep on pulling me down,
’Cause in my mind you’re still there

I’m still attached to my judge and victim sides,
They always keep on locking me inside
Pain and sufferings are my number one friends,
Thoughts and feelings I inflict on myself
To justify my emotional pain
I make you responsible for the choices I’ve made
I give you the remote control of my emotions
And become your slave in every situation

I find excuses to suffer but
Not a single good reason why
Quarrels and memories are facts
That now belong to the past
What I resist persists, will
I allow myself to really live?
To pardon the others is the best
Thing I can offer myself
Track Name: Exciting News From The Daily Life

Today I was doing the laundry in my washing machine
My favourite white shirt, my favourite white trousers,
My second favourite white shirt, you know, all these white things,
And the washing machine was washing and washing and washing, on and on and on

And without really thinking about it, I was thankful for it,
For not washing all of my favourite white things by myself
And then the exciting news and the end of the story;
In the washing machine, there was one black sock too…
Track Name: The Joker
Welcome to my world, where all your dreams come true
Look at how life brought you where you thought you had nothing to do
Dive deep in it and your problems will forever end,
Select my sweeter way out, make it your eternal way

Create an emergency and I’ll help you the best I can,
I’ll conjure away your worries like a magician
Forget your guilty conscience, I’ll clean all its stains
On the kingdom of pretence, I shall forever reign

Tons and tons and tons of different coloured costumes and masks,
Hidden beneath you will find
The last resort for the desperate – powerless
I’m your master disguised as your slave (x2)
I’m the joker

I’m your mind, I serve your time and your thoughts are mine
Don’t worry, I take care of everything, you’re fine
You are safe only ’cause I’m still so close,
I haunt you like a ghost, how can you forget what I’ve taught?
I’m this reflection in the mirror, you live in me,
You can’t kill me, I’m within, will you dare get rid of me?
Let me replace your feelings of insecurity
With jokes, tough guy acts and stupid things
I’ve been dealing with your chaos, I’ll do it for eternity,
Take your time, don’t be blind and give up your false new beliefs

Track Name: Crash World (The Victim Story)
Has someone ever felt abandoned, rebuked, lost, rejected?
Has someone ever felt like they don’t exist, like a fucking wreck?
You tore me into pieces and spread them all over the place
In your eyes I fell from grace, I won’t keep you warm with my embrace
Anymore ’cause too much living and being
There for you, loving you, I’m not a machine
I’m sick of you, who you are, I don’t feel anything
Anymore ’cause I cared too much for your everything,
Family, relatives, acquaintances and friends,
God knows, I was never indifferent
Absorbing like a sponge all your distress and sadness,
You repressed but confessed you never met a guy like this
Goddamn it! I thought everything was okay,
The first time in my life I felt so great
Now it’s worse, everything reminds me of you,
I feel used and abused, it may hurt you, it hurts me too
The tears in my eyes make you happy,
Your one million dollar smile makes me angry
You left me behind, we should have found a way,
I’ll carry my resentment till my last breath!

Can’t you see I’m down, can’t you feel it?
Can’t you see I’m drowning, can’t you feel it?
You left me senseless, you left me hopeless,
You don’t give a fuck, it never was your business
Can’t you see I’m crying, can’t you feel it?
Can’t you see I’m dying, can’t you feel it?
Sometimes I would have liked to kill you
There’s nothing in you that I despise but you

I’ve always shown you affection, love and respect,
You always made me feel helpless and worthless,
Hard to believe in myself if you don’t believe in me,
You said I’ve got a lot to give but without you I can’t live
For all that’s happening, you’re the only one to blame,
Because since you’re gone, I don’t feel the same
I don’t wanna be your buddy, angel or brother,
I just wanna be your lover forever!


I ate your bird in its cage,
I lacerated your clothes, I was so enraged
I burned your flat, I slayed your cat (x2)
Your last kiss to him was his last
Don’t tell me you’re sorry ’cause you’re not!

I’ll cut you, I’ll scratch you (x2)
I’ll disfigure you, to ashes I’ll turn you!!
Track Name: Dare
Challenges and setbacks are strewn along our life’s path,
Pressure drains our energy and steals our time,
Use them to grow and they’ll no longer be obstacles
Trust in yourself, in your skills and bare them to the world!

Make that change!
You’re resourceful, use it to give your life real colour and value
Don’t rely on no-one else ’cause they won’t live it for you
Give up self-doubts, have no fear, go beyond your limits,
Become the master of your life, don’t try, just do it!
Track Name: 666
You’re the church’s main threat, you have long years of hate,
You’re a star on stage for idle boys and girls in their teenage
You go out with your friends and take an innocent rooster,
Spill its blood on each other, then you call yourself a killer
You feel like a victim that no-one understands,
How many times in bed with a girl have you pissed in your pants?
You’re ragged by your brother, disrespected by your sister,
Beaten up by your father and who rules at home? Your mother!

666 – This is you, man, that you disregard (x2)

Many years of frustration have made you what you are,
’Cause you don’t want it to be, you’re not that shining star
You say the world rejects you but who rejects you first?
Take a 90 degree turn or else you will get burnt!
You’ve trained the others to treat you like they do and will,
See how you blame society for your constant ill-being
Take responsibility for what you want to see
Create for yourself a brilliant future, not like what it used to be

666 – One day you’ll feel the pain by taking Satan’s name (x2)

“Impale the priest on the burning cross,
Fill the chalice with blood,
Rape of the virgin in bestial lust,
A sacrifice to our lord
Bound by chains, the immortal slave,
Mystic chants round the holy grave
Lay your trust in Satan’s force,
Sacrifice to him your soul
Desecrate your virgin soul”
Sign in with 666, you should sign in with 888!