Oldskull Revenge

by Seekers Of The Truth

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Stijn Van Hees
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Stijn Van Hees French hardcore lifers, that prove "eruocore" hardcore is still living and breathing even though its sound hasn't changed a lot over the years. Favorite track: Integrity (feat. Don Foose).
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Sylvain - Drums
Clem - Guitar
Franco - Bass
JP - Guitar
Xav - Vocals

Recorded, engineered & mixed by Mick Kassapian at Warmaudio [Lyon, France] between April 2014 and February 2015.
Mastered by Nicolas Declève at Digital Lab Mastering [Belgium] in August 2015.
Produced by Seekers Of The Truth
Pics by Manu Reyboz

Out on Useless Pride Records


released October 20, 2015



all rights reserved


Seekers Of The Truth Lyon, France

Seekers Of The Truth are considered veterans in the French hardcore scene having been in existence now for more than 25 years!

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Track Name: Lifestory
You say you can read my mind,
you sense how I feel inside,
Don’t get me, what’s my lifestory
I’ve got at least two lives,
mine and the one you invent me,
You know my name, but not any of my pains!
YOU – There’s the picture of me you still perceive
DON’T – And there’s who I am truly,
KNOW – There’s how I appear and choose to be
ME – And there’s my true being!
There are things you see and qualities you ignore
Since everyday I open new doors
You use your time drawing lines,
I spend mine enriching my life
Walls don’t keep others out,
they fence you in but no step out!
Time has come to turn my eyes
On how I let people enter my life!
My lifebook is mine, I won’t let you edit it for me
Life’s a long-distance race, and not a sprint
What counts is not the first,
but the last chapter of it!
I – need to close life chapters, not out of PRIDE!
‘Cause what went before has no longer room in my life!
Track Name: Behind The Scenes
A new smile, new clothes and we’re filled with hope,
We’re rejuvenated, new thrills are our dope
We easily take and throw away, showing no gratefulness,
Surrendering only to what our greed dictates!
She deeply loves her honey,
And above all his gifts and money
He loves her big heart behind her generous bust,
It’s not lust when he stares at her gorgeous butt
As soon as we’ve reached our goal,
the excitement’s gone,
Leading to frustration and a brutal big void
So we need again something new for our inspiration,
Fulfill our dreams or fill a gap ‘cause we feel so alone? What’s our true motivation?
Track Name: Q: Free? A: Free
I may stand on my own, I won’t dance to the notes
WE DON’T DRINK WHAT THEY THINK! Played by the majority, goddamn it, I am free!
If following blindly is what’s accepted, I decline to toe the line, I won’t follow in your footsteps,
I’ve always been keeping away from the crowds,
I’m used to living like a swan amongst the crows!
I go to school to get a job then I wake up early to be on the social network,
In order to get a ring, then earn my living,
pay my bills, raise a family,
And become a clone whose the brain has gone!
I may end up alone!
Yet I won’t follow the trend and fashion!
I feel disconnected from this world!
I find my way and my direction!
You won’t control me and pull me with your strings,
Won’t wash my brain and put your smile on my face,
You won’t move my lips, won’t work my limbs,
Fuck your rules and your authority!
I know my true power!
I am free!!
Track Name: Appreciate
How far should I go to find happiness?
Pretending not to know, how long will I lie to myself?
Denying what’s ahead of me, in my perception of each day
How can I still be sad, when I have more than I ever had?
APPRECIATE – who I am and what’s been done for me
APPRECIATE – I watch for times to praise
APPRECIATE – and to be grateful for the moments spent,
APPRECIATE – with expecting nothing else!
My expectations and my assumptions make me blind
To people’s attention, care, recognition,
and to learn to be satisfied
Hard to find it inside, happiness can’t be found outside
I make mistakes, I stumble, I rise,
I’m not perfect, I’m only human!
This is the oldskull revenge!
Despising my current life is wasting a precious time,
Instead I’ll give my best to draw lessons from joy and pain
I’m grateful for what I get and for what’s missing and left
I’m glad and I smile, because it’s happened, yes!
Track Name: Faultfinder
You blame me for breathing the air you breathe,
For keeping you from achieving things,
You confuse abundance with scarcity mentality
Your idea of me is fabricated
With what you’ve borrowed from people and yourself
Be sure that what you sow you will reap
What you think of me, what you project on me,
Seems to be the way you see yourself – SEE YOURSELF!
You feel difference as a lethal threat,
You don’t give me any chance to make a change!
You blame me for the moonfull nights,
For the stars that shine so bright
Your judgements are your lies,
your place to run and hide
Seeing people happy makes you sad,
Seeing people win when you fail makes you glad
When I look into your eyes, I see the fear inside!
Pointing my faults keeps you from seeing yours,
How you feel, so you see...
you see this fucking world
Track Name: Integrity (feat. Don Foose)
From day one, I’ve been taught and encouraged
To renounce my honesty, to shut out my fucking rage
To please parents and friends
I wear clothes I just don’t fit into,
I wear shoes that you can see through,
Following others’ dreams,
Giving up my integrity! Keep my integrity!
I’m sick of hearing you tell me what to think!
From day one, I’ve been trapped in a role
That I did not ask for, I can’t let you scare me about what you think
No longer expect me to be who you want me to be
I wanna be me, not everybody’s pet
At this I’ll be better than anyone else
I won’t demand, I won’t ask you to change,
I’m just asking to try to understand! UNDERSTAND!
I won’t live your life, so understand!
Where are the so-called friends who say they back me?
They only want to follow to distract me, what you see is what you will get with me, keep my integrity!
Where are these so-called friends wanting my well-being?
Where are these so-called friends?
They only want me to follow without questioning,
to live without thinking!
I choose to be on the outside what I am inside! (x2)
Who was that person inside who was living my life,
Saying my words, inhabitating my world,
Driving me mad, fuck it! making me sad,
Making me laugh, sometimes making me tough?
I know my real friends and I know all the fakes,
Am I really wrong if I don’t relate?
I say, «goodbye lies, welcome life!» – WELCOME LIFE!
Track Name: Best Of The Best
This song’s for you all and my family,
For everybody, for you and me
My greed and hate have bred my fate
Here are the fucking mistakes I’ve made
I’ve spread the money disease in every heart,
I’ve poisoned the water, the air and the lungs of the world
For the sole profit of I, me, and myself first,
Don’t care for those who are starving and dying of thirst
‘Cause I’ve never learnt any lesson from the past,
The lines I am writing now might be my last
The planet’s being hurt and broken by my generation,
Am I so scared not to die that I plan my own extinction!?
I’m sat on a throne,
I’ve called myself a king and claimed everything as my own
Taking all rights, I delete life like a file
I’ve followed the path of disgrace,
Teaching my children how to screw this place!
Fuck you all, fuck this world
And everything that could save Earth!
Is there anything standing left with worth in my eyes?
Even my cash won’t change a thing as time flies by
I’m overwhelmed by the weight of my past,
I’ve offered myself a future that I’ve taken back
If I were given a second chance,
Would I do something different or do the same
again and again!?
Track Name: Breathe And Live
There’s no point in torturing yourself about everything
‘Cause what must happen will happen in the future,
You’ll learn whether it’s success or failure!
Take a deep breath and live,
Life has no remote control, get up and change it!
Take a deep breath and live
Where most people exist!
The whole world will judge you
No matter what you do, so live how you want to
The only keeper of your happiness is you,
So don’t give up on your values
Life’s what you’re gonna make of it,
Like an echo, you’ll get what you give,
Thus give the same energy to your dreams
As you do to your fears!
We drive ourselves crazy worrying unnecessarily
About what may never, never, never reach you and me!
About what may never, never reach you and me
Yesterday’s gone, tomorrow’s unknown,
While today’s a gift, that’s why we call it the present
So take chances, be creative, be risky,
And turn these into opportunities
People may hate you for being different
But deep down inside they wish they had the courage that you have
Don’t waste your energy, don’t waste time,
If you can act now, in this moment, go for it,
If not, move on, and shelve the worries
Take a deep breath and live!
And remember that things may never,
never reach you and me!
Track Name: 90-60-90
I remember your lies,
the promises you made and didn’t keep,
Your smiles and façades that surely did hide your true feelings in this house of greed
I can’t remember the times when your mind was on Mum and I,
Only the ones when your wife and child were not enough to block your path!
In the folds of her flesh, this thirst you’ll never quench
Your fire still burns, your desire still yearns,
and it will never end! (x2)
90-60-90 – Like a real chess game, this time what’ll be her name?
90-60-90 – You’re the loser in the end,
your pleasure = our pain!
Will it ever end? WILL IT EVER END?
Will it ever change?
Do you really feel alive or even a man inside?
Will it ever cease? WILL IT EVER CEASE?
Will it ever shift?
Will it give us back our life? Will it dry up our cries?
Track Name: What Goes Up
Every day the scene’s the same,
Same old story with a different name
Even if I don’t care what you say,
Your gossip pollutes and leaves a bad taste that stays
Envy born with intent to kill,
No matter what the person feels
Your tongue is like a loaded gun
And your words are its ammunition
Your wish to bring me down is as strong as your feelings of insecurity!
You distort the truth and twist the facts,
You hear it once and change it a dozen times
‘Till you persuade yourself
You seem to know things I didn’t about myself
What you didn’t see with your own eyes,
Don’t invent it with your narrow mind
Before you share them with your big mouth,
Relish your words then spit them out!
There comes a time when I get tired of trying
To fix everyone and everything,
When in the end I see that I don’t need
People like you and the drama you bring,
You do look clean but you spread your dirt,
As if you didn’t know your words can hurt,
I leave you to where you belong and should have stayed,
‘Cause what goes up must come down...
what goes up must come down someday!
Track Name: Imperfections (feat. Sara Edge)
Your life is wonderful,
Then a girl on a magazine brings you down
«Be thin, be sexy, be beautiful»
She says with nails perfectly done,
So you put your make up on
To fit to the media image of perfection
DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND that she feels the same?
Look into your mirror
And take a very close look at yourself,
It’s not you who they adore,
So why do you keep on playing their game?
These pictures make us believe
That we all should look stale and slim
DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND that she feels the same?
Don’t you forget it AGAIN AND AGAIN!
C’mon girls, make it stop, ‘cause this shit’s unreal
1, 2... 1, 2, 3, GO!
If she was not digitally enhanced,
Hairbrushed, or photoshoped,
Would your man’s head turn to see her? NO WAY!
For him, you’re perfect from the bottom to the top
You’re not that silicone Barbie doll
With no brain and with no will at all,
So wear your curves with pride,
‘Cause men like to hold something at night
Self-acceptance is true freedom,
Thus love yourself and your imperfections
Track Name: This One
This one was made with the knife of indifference,
This one came when I was twenty-eight,
This one from your judgements, this one from mine,
This one from a windshield in a car crash
This one was from you who didn’t care
And you can see it ‘cause you’ve got the same
And this one came from my parents,
So don’t ask me why I hate!
There are things time cannot heal,
Some pain that goes too deep,
But they’re nothing compared
To those I keep inflicting on myself!
This one, as cold as ice,
Appeared when you told me something nice
This one was made in... I don’t know when,
But it constantly opens again!
Chorus (x2)
I’ll never FORGET
This one happened when I got bored,
This one, when I believed what I was told,
This one was carved out by the tears rolling down from my eyes!
I have scars, wounds and emotional hurts,
So many that I wonder how my body parts hold together
They are rich and powerful lessons taught to me by life!
I can count on you to make some new ones that I will let you do unto me
This one could have been my last
‘Cause I had the razor on my arm,
I should be glad ‘cause I am alive!